INTEGRATED SCHOOL MANAGEMENT SERVICES Manage data, maximize communication and inspire student success with our proven RITE, Riverwood Information Technology Experience software. We are RESI, an information technology firm providing managed services, help desk support, and logistics to the K-12 education market. Our clients include online charter, parochial, and traditional public schools.


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Online Charter Schools

Online charter schools are intimately dependent on technology to a degree unlike the traditional brick and mortar environment. Without technology, there is no online environment. Charter schools require expanded help desk support and logistics services, not traditionally provided by internal brick and mortar staff. We have expertise in these areas and understand the unique needs of charter school families and students. Better technology support and service leads to higher student success, higher student satisfaction and ultimately higher student retention for our clients.


  • Our help desk hours reach beyond standard 8 am – 4 pm weekday hours.
  • We have fast response times. For example, if there is a problem with a computer, students can have a replacement in their hands the next day.
  • In addition to our competitive shipping rates, our bulk purchasing of computers and shipping supplies help you keep costs down.
  • We have the ability to scale to a highly variable student enrollment. Charter school enrollment can double or decline 50% in any given year.
  • We have the ability to adjust to these variations and with our pricing schedules, you only pay for the actual student enrollment you attain.

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